Fair Meeting Notes 2023

May 8th Agenda:

Southwest St. Louis County Fair Association

May 8th, 2023 Agenda

Call to Order

Approval of the Agenda

Secretary’s Report from February 15th, 2023 meeting (previously distributed)

Treasurer’s Report

Old Business:

a. Food booth Manager Report: Rosie

b. Fair Queen Coordinator- Tori Myrvold

c. Children’s games-Melinda Felknor

d. Parade- Carrie Johnson

New Business:

  1. 2023 Grant
  2. Catfish days Pancake breakfast July 8th 2023

Date for the next meeting:


February 15 Meeting Minutes:

Southwest ST. Louis County Fair Association Meeting

Minutes of February 15th 2023 Meeting

Present:  Carrie Johnson, Pat Seredinski, Melinda Felknor, Cheryl Bailey, Bernice Johnson, Roger Hill and Rhonda Lundstrom.

The meeting was called to order by Roger Hill at 5:20pm. The agenda was approved by Pat Seredinksi and seconded by Rhonda Lundstrom.

A motion was made by Bernice Johnson to approve the Secretary’s report from October 18th, 2022. Seconded by Rhonda Lundstrom, voted on, and passed.

A motion was made by Pat, seconded by Carrie Johnson to accept the Treasurer’s report, voted on, and passed. Cheryl reported that we are waiting on the second half of the 2022 grant. We will also be waiting on Northland Fire and Safety to test and clean the stove until we receive the money. $1,000 will transferred to the Queen account from the grant money to pay back what we borrowed.

Old Business:

  New Business:

Next Meeting: May 8th 2023 5:15pm

The meeting was Adjourned by Roger Hill at 6:15pm

Melinda Felknor Secretary